Beyond the Horizon

A story of mine about the fate of mankind for a very possible disaster scenario of epic proportions. It is currently being funded at Inkshares.

Soon, the world will end. It will not end in fire. Nor will it end in ice. Rather, it will end in darkness. Can humanity overcome space and time itself? Or be consumed by the void?

Will you give up at the end of the world?

If you learned tomorrow that the world was going to end… for real, what would you do? How would you act? Would you give up? Or would you do something about it?

These are the questions that Wendell Wade has to answer. Where humanity once thought it had all the time in the world to worry about leaving it we now no longer have any time at all. With no where to hide, no where to run, and no way to run fast enough, mankind has no other choice but to turn science fiction into science fact yet again. If we cannot solve the mystery of quantum mechanics, general relativity, space/time, and interstellar travel then everything we know, everything we love, everything period, will be lost forever.

Reviewed at WritersDeBlock.